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Does This Sound Familiar?

You keep hearing about Blockchain, and how it’s going to change Banking, Money, and Supply Chains, but you still have no idea what it is, or how it works.
You’ve read a few articles, but it seems the more you read, the more confused you get.
You don’t want to waste hours on Google sorting through hundreds of sites, some of which aren’t even reliable.

That’s Why We Created…

Blockchain Innovation Academy


A world-class educational platform designed to help you learn the key concepts of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Innovation Academy allows you to:



Easily understand complex topics and blockchain jargon

Access a single reliable source of in-depth educational content

Keep up with one of the fastest changing industries

Study dozens of real-life use cases


Network with like-minded professionals

…and much more

Here’s What You Get…


A library of in-depth courses that provides training on all aspects of Blockchain. A brand new course is added every month


Video, audio, and PDF files to accommodate individual learning styles. All videos are recorded in Full HD


Live Q&A sessions each and every month. This is your chance to ask practically anything


An exclusive community that allows you to network and connect with other professionals in the industry

Flagship Courses


What's a Blockchain?

A basic overview of Blockchain in just 12 minutes.

Partial list of topics:

  • Bitcoin and blockchain

  • What is a blockchain

  • The journey of a bitcoin transaction

  • Sybil Resistance and Proof-of-Work

  • Blockchain consensus

  • Private vs. public blockchains

  • Challenges blockchains face

  • Blockchain use cases

    What is Bitcoin?

    An introduction to Bitcoin, a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

    Bitcoin was the first, and to date, the most successful application of blockchain technology.

    Partial list of topics:

    • What is bitcoin?
    • Who created bitcoin?
    • The double-spend problem
    • Why bitcoin matters
    • How bitcoin works
    • Mining and Proof-of-Work
    • Longest chain consensus
    What is Ethereum?

    An introduction to Ethereum, a smart contract platform and “world computer.”

    Partial list of topics:

    • Who created Ethereum?
    • What is Ethereum?
    • Smart contracts
    • Decentralized applications
    • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)
    • How Ethereum works
    • The difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum


    Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

    An exploration of the blockchain’s two most popular digital asset classes

    Partial list of topics:

    • The difference between a cryptocurrency and a token
    • Colored coins and ERC-20 tokens
    • Non-fungible tokens
    • Mining vs. pre-mining
    • Open-source vs. proprietary code
    Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

    An overview of how blockchain revolutionized crowdfunding.

    Partial list of topics:

    • What is an ICO?
    • The difference between ICOs, IPOs, and traditional Crowdfunding
    • Advantages of ICOs
    • Disadvantages of ICOs
    • What the future holds for ICOs
    Cryptocurrency Wallets

    An introduction to one of the first tools you need to interact with a public blockchain.

    Partial list of topics:

    • What exactly is a wallet?
    • Private and public keys
    • Mnemonics and seed phrases
    • Backing up a wallet
    • Custodial vs. non-custodial wallets
    • Hot wallets vs. cold storage


    Supply Chain

    An exploration of how blockchain is being used to revolutionize supply chain management.

    Partial list of topics:

    • What is supply chain management?
    • How does blockchain enhance supply chain management?
    • IBM’s use case
    • Pros and cons of using blockchain
    • Document storage
    • Access management and auditing
    • Dispute resolution
    Digital Identity

    An overview of how blockchain is making portable digital identities (self-sovereign identities) a reality.

    Partial list of topics:

    • What is self-sovereign identity?
    • Claims, proofs, and attestations
    • Digital privacy
    • Privacy breaches
    • Identity mining
    • How blockchain enhances digital identities
    • Real-world use cases
    Security Tokens

    An introduction to the blockchain’s version of traditional securities – security tokens.

    Partial list of topics:

    • What is a security token?
    • STOs vs. ICOs
    • Utility tokens vs. security tokens vs. traditional securities
    • The Howey Test and securities regulation
    • Pros and cons of security tokens
    • Real-world use cases


    Three easy ways to learn.
    Audio, Video, and PDF.
    Choose what works best for you.







    Monthly Masterminds


    Live Q&A sessions each and every month. This is your chance to ask practically anything!


    An exclusive community that allows you to network and connect with other innovators.

    Access our community forum 24/7. Ask questions, get feedback, and discuss what you’re learning.

    You’ll come for the content,
    but you’ll stay for the community.

    Who's Behind the Academy?


    After graduating with a Finance degree and an MBA (and more recently, a Master of Laws), I worked for 4 of the world’s largest financial institutions.


    At one time, I was responsible for 20 billion dollars in client assets.


    I’ve assisted one of North America’s top cryptocurrency wallet providers with business development and growth strategy.


    I now host one of the top podcasts on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency – Blockchain Innovation.


    -Frederick Munawa

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